Parker Youth, Inc. (PYL) is a non-profit, all volunteer youth sports organization dedicated to providing and developing quality youth athletic programs for the youth of the Parker community and surrounding areas. Parker Youth Incorporated of Parker, CO

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Frequently Asked Questions 2023

When does Registration Open?

Football registration is planned to open Monday, March 27, 2023. You are not fully registered until payment has been submitted. Coaches cannot "hold" roster spots on an team. Payment must be made to be placed on a roster. Early registration is suggested. We will fill to capacity before registration deadlines. Once age groups become full, those age groups will go to wait list only. All unpaid registrants will go a wait list and will only be placed on a team if a roster spot opens.



Rookie League (1st - 3rd Grade) - $375

11-Man Football - (4th - 8th grade) - $400

Late fee - Begins for any registration AND/OR payment received after June 3

Registration will fully close as teams/age groups become full. Early registration is suggested.


Please join our email list to be notified about registration and other important football information.  Each year teams fill to capacity. Do not wait to register. 


The Parker Hawks refund policy is stated on the home page of our website. You are placed on a roster immediately after football evaluations for your grade or when your registration is completed. The season may begin with conditioning May 1 (coach dependent).  Team rosters will be available once all age groups are full and the registration closed. You will hear from your coach with season details when available. 



What is included with the cost of registration?

The cost of registration covers the rental of the fields we use for practices and games and the fees to participate in the AYL for the season. It also covers equipment for the coaches ( tackling dummies, shields, footballs, football tee's etc.). The fee covers items such as background checks, liability insurance, and storage/administrative costs. 

Where do I get gear?

We are really fortunate to have a local sporting goods store that carries Hawks gear.  Located on the corner of Pine and Parker Rd sits a local shop called Locker Room Sports.  There you can find just about anything you need.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to email us at Hawks will organize fitting days for equipment and uniforms with Locker Room Sports.  UNIFORMS ARE NEW FOR 2023. UNIFORM INFO WILL BE POSTED WHEN AVAILABLE AND COMMUNICATED TO YOUR HEAD COACH.

What documentation do I need to play football?
If you are not playing for the same Hawks Football team as last season, you will be required to furnish a copy of your child's birth certificate to your new coach during or before the first week of practices.  If you are new to Hawks Football, whether you have played other Hawks sports, you will also be required to provide a copy of your child's birth certificate to your new football coach.  Without validation of your child's age, he cannot be weighed-in and placed on the team's official roster.

When does the season start?

Teams may have one preseason non-contact, no pads, optional practice per week only for players that are registered and paid on a team beginning 5/1 (coach depedent).  Regular practices begin approximately the end of July. This is dependent on field permits.  Official games start  the last week of August and games will be played on Labor Day Weekend.  Most games are held on Saturdays.  Some teams may have a midweek evening game scheduled.  Make up games, playoff games, and the AYL Super Bowl may be scheduled on Sundays.

When does the season end?

The regular season ends approximately the third or last weekend of October.  Playoff games can begin as early as the following Wednesday.  The AYL Super Bowl games are usually held the weekend before the Thanksgiving weather cooperating.

What are weigh-ins?
Every player for the Hawks (and the other clubs in the AYL) must be weighed in prior to competing in games and being placed on a teams official roster.  The AYL weigh-ins are held on one Saturday in mid-August and are mandatory for all players. If you miss the initial weigh-in day there a mandatory $40 charge that all must pay to be weighed at a later time.

How many practices will there be per week?
In the pre-season, teams can have up to 4 activity periods per week.  This can be 4 practices, three practices and a scrimmage event, etc.  Once the season begins, teams are limited to the practice restrictions per their age group.  

Please check the AYL Football Rulebook to ensure the practice allowance for your grade level of play.

When will practice be?
Your coach will notify you of practice days/times.  Please be aware that teams practice at various times and locations throughout Parker and are based on the availability of practice fields.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee practice times, days, or locations.

Are there any other scheduled team activities?
There is also an optional non-contact/non-activity 'chalk-talk' to view film or go over plays that can be held.  In no way can pads/helmets be worn, or any sort of contact drills or plays be run.  

What is the age cut off for teams?
Parker Hawks Football participates in the Arapahoe Youth League.  The League rules specify that players compete at the age they are as of 5/31. So, if your child is 10 on May 31st, he would play in the 10 year old age group that year.  There are teams for players as young as 6 as of 5/31 and as old as 14 providing they will be in 8th grade.  14 year olds in high school 9th grade cannot participate in Hawks Football.

What are minimum play levels?
The Hawks believe that that every player's improvement and enjoyment of the game is tied to how much they play the game.  To that end, we have pioneered the highest minimum play requirements in the area. Please check the AYL Football Rulebook for the current minimum play requirements for each grade level. (

The goal is for every player to exceed the minimum plays for their level.  If your child is playing minimum plays, please consider one of our other division or play-down options.  Playing more will build more skill and confidence in your child than playing less on a 'higher' division team before they are ready. Remember that this is a competitive league and the goal is to build solid teams in all divisions so playing your son at the appropriate level is very important to that. More reps is way more important than what coach or team.  We can help get your kid on the right path to loving football and get them prepared for high school. Along the way they will build character and friendships that will last a lifetime! 

What is 'Play-Up'?
AYL rules allow players to request to play up one age group.  In general, being at the correct age group or lower (see Play-down, below) is an advantage for the players in competing at the right level for their size, speed or coordination level.  Playing up can be a disadvantage in competing vs. older, faster, stronger players.  The goal of youth football is to build skill and confidence in all players, which is significantly enhanced by being in the correct age group.  Every effort will be made to accommodate a request, but if an age group is full, priority will be given to placing players on teams in their correct age.

What is 'play-down'? 
Kids can vary widely in their development, especially at younger ages.  Play-down is an option for players below a certain weight to compete in the next age group down.  This can give them an advantage in speed and coordination and lead to more playing time and a better experience.  Players can continue to play down or return to their normal age group after building confidence and learning the game.  We have had players play down their entire careers and have tremendous success at the high school level.  If you have questions about the option of playing down for your child, please contact the football coordinator . Every effort will be made to accommodate, but if an age group is full, priority will be given to placing players on teams in their correct age. 

If your athlete is a playdown player there is a chance that if they do not meet the weight requirements at the official weigh-in event they may have to return to their normal playing level.  Also, at no point during the season may the player turn 2 years older than the grade level i.e., if the playing level is 10 year old, at no point may you turn 12.  This is independent of weight.

What is 'out of area'?
The AYL is based on the principles of community based youth athletics.  The Hawks are focused on serving the communities of Parker, Elizabeth, and Franktown.  Players from these communities, or schools within these communities, are considered 'in-territory'. Players from outside these areas are considered 'out of territory'.  Each team is allowed to have some out of territory players. Please see the AYL rulebook for specifics. (

Can I pick my child's team?
The Hawks accept team, coach, and teammate requests and will attempt to place your child based upon your request. However, our primary goal is the best experience for all the players in our community, which means there are cases where we can't fulfill every request.  To insure maximum playing time, we avoid placing too many players on one team. Competitive balance of our teams is also a factor we consider.  If you have questions about the level of play for your child please email the football coordinators using our feedback form .